Monday, 15 September 2014

Autumn/Fall Style Inspiration

  As we get near the end of September, the weather gets cooler and cardigans, beanies, scarves and tights come out to play during the colder, darker months. Living in a tropical country with only 2 seasons (wet & dry), I've always been slightly jealous of those bloggers in the northern hemisphere that are able to snuggle up in cosy sweaters and partake in the art of fashion we call 'layering'. But since this year is the first year that I'll be in the UK for autumn and winter, I must say that I am beyond excited to be able to jump on that bandwagon - I've already started preparing by buying tons of sweaters in my latest August Haul.

  When it comes to fashion/style inspiration, Pinterest  is my absolute favourite. So for those of you that are unsure of how to/what is layering or how to wear that new coat/boots of yours...this will be extremely handy ;)

1. Leather is literally the material for fall if you want that edgy yet chic look
2. Scarf, beanie and trench coat? Check.
3. Pair one of those chunky, oversized 'sweater dresses' with knee high boots for the laidback and casual look whilst running errands
4. Think maxi skirts are reserved for the summer? Think again.

4. When transitioning from summer to fall, layer a sweater over your favourite dress and...voila. Instant sophistication.
5. Don't store your shorts away during these colder months - instead, wear them with cosy tights and you're good to go
6. The layering trick that makes anyone look good with a preppy flair - layer your favourite sweater over your favourite plaid shirt. Never underestimate the power of plaid prints.
7. Take layering to a whole new level by wearing a cardigan over your dress and belting it together!

Hope this post has been useful in helping you gain some inspiration on what to wear as the leaves changes colour and temperatures drop!

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Harry Potter Tag

  So I saw this tag on Amy @ A Little Boat Sailing blog and since I'm the biggest fan ever ever ever, I thought it would be right if I did this tag! Hope you guys enjoy it and if you do do the tag, leave your links below - I would love to know other Potterhead's answers :D

1. What is your favourite book?

To be honest, I loved all 7 books (hahah). But if I had to pick, I would have to say the 6th one - Half-Blood Prince - because that book was full of new and interesting information that I thought made the plot more complex and more fascinating. Of course, knowing Snape's background and Voldemort's past was equally as thrilling.

2. What is your favourite film?

  I didn't think they did such a good job on the latest films - the acting was great, but the plot and effects...not so :/ It would have to be a tie between the 2nd (Chamber of Secrets) and the 4th (Goblet of Fire) because I thought the scenes were captured relatively well in those.

3. What is your least favourite book?

  This could be so cliched and all but...none. I know a few of my friends didn't like the 5th because it was so 'meaty' and boring to them but...I still love it. All books played an equal role in the plot.

4. What is your least favourite film?

The 6th one. It. Was. Horrible. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration, but I was still so disappointed especially since it was one of my more favourite ones!

5. Which parts of the books/films made you cry?

  Although I do get quite emotional in movies, I didn't really cry in Harry Potter, simply because I knew what was going to happen, having read the books :P I don't really cry when reading, but the part when Fred Weasley died made me stop reading for a while...

6. If you could hook up with any character who would it be?

Hmmm...Sirius Black is such a good-looking badass. Probably him...

7. Who is your favourite character?

  You honestly can't ask me that question because I love them all so so so much. They're all special. Of course, there is the 'magical trio' and although I like all 3, I would have to go for Hermione as my favourite. Simply because she is incredibly hardworking, driven, determined (e.g in the 6th book when she refused to accept help from Harry's potion book AKA The Half Blood Prince and is determined to succeed the 'right' way), yet loyal and will protect those that she loves. Although she is smart and a stickler for rules, she isn't like Percy Weasley who disregards his family in search for ambition (yes, I am aware he reconciles with his family later on). Instead, she was willing to risk getting expelled, challenged Umbridge, puts herself in the most dangerous situations and has constantly been there for both Harry and Ron. 

  Apart from Hermione, I really like the Weasley twins because they like Hermione, are determined and driven - although in a slightly different way. An example being their own joke shop that most people around them were skeptical about, especially since they didn't do too well in their exams. Yet, they proved everyone wrong. Also, not only did they provide me with loads of laughs, but the bond between the twins is just incredible.

8. Who is your least favourite character?

  Professor Umbridge. Hands down. So annoying and I thought the actress that portrayed her in the movies did it really well because I did want to throttle her...

9. What is your least favourite line?

  I truly thought that all lines were carefully thought of, but somehow I am not too keen on the very last line, 'All is well.' because it just seems so empty to signify the end of an incredibly journey/series. Personal opinion though.

10. What would your Patronus be?

  A dolphin? I love the water and how intelligent, carefree and caring dolphins can be.

11. If you could have the invisibility cloak, resurrection stone or elder wand, which would you choose?

Invisibility Cloak. I just think that I would get more use out of it then I would with the other 2. 

12. What house would you be in?

  Well I took the Pottermore test and I am proud to say that I am a Gryffindor. Personally, I like to think Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Don't think I evil enough for Slytherin :P

13. If you could meet any member of the cast who would it be?

Emma Watson, without a doubt. Please please please.

14. If you were on the Quidditch team, what position would you play?

Probably a Chaser because I think that could be quite fun...although I wouldn't mind trying to be a Seeker - since I'm quite small so I fly through all the tight spaces to catch the Snitch if needed.

15. Were you happy with the ending?

  With the books, yes I am. Although I really disliked Harry's children's names because there was no originality in it. I understand the whole tribute paying part, but it was basically the names of people he knew bunched together...and a little cheesy. I mean, did Ginny even get a say in any of that? Also, although I liked the ending, I am really sad it ended because I want more! I want to know all the little personal details of each character and their futures.

16. How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

  Too much. It's been a big part of my childhood, and I still do a little happy dance/squeal whenever I receive/see/watch something Harry Potter related. I once had a 'Harry Potter character naming' competition with my sister as well as a number of Skype duels...(massive Potterhead here). Since the books and movies ended, apart from re-reading/watching them over and over again...I've been fuelling my obsession with 'behind the scenes'  footage from the show, as well as cast interviews. Seriously, they are amazing and truly worth the watch - I never get bored. I am also currently obsessed with Harry Potter posters/prints - which I plan to print out in high quality paper and stick them on my uni room. Only problem, I have hundreds (I kid you not) so it will take some time to narrow it down :P

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Tagging all Potterheads so leave your links below if you've done it!

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

August Haul ft. Forever 21, H&M and moreeeee

I shall warn you beforehand that this August haul is kinda funky because there's no real theme to it. Being the end of summer and transition to fall, I've been buying both summer and warmer fall clothing to bring with me to test out England's reputable cold weather for the first time (Basically my excuse for excessively shopping). Also, if you see an abundance of striped has something to do with my (not so) slight obsession with stripes. 

  Oh and, a quick sideish note on some amazing deals that are going on:

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  Oh and, some items have two prices because I found them on both the US and UK sites for readers' convenience (:

Basic V Neck Tee (£3.00 / US$3.80)// Basic V Neck Tee (£3.00 / US$3.80) // Stripe V Neck Tee (£6.00 // US$7.80)

  All from Forever 21. I thought I'd invest in some basic tees because you can never go wrong with them and they go with anything - super versatile. I went for a Size M because I like it more over-sized instead of fitted. Also, I find that Forever 21 has some of the best basic tops because THEY ARE SO SOFT. Yes, the excessive capitalisation is justified. Trust me on this, the material (albeit rather thin, but doesn't expose undergarments though) is the softest thing ever. I love touching wearing their tops.  

Sweet Stripe Halter Crop Top (£3.99) // Shadow Stripe Crop Top (£6.50US$8.80)

  Both crop tops from Forever 21. Got a few crop tops too. The striped halter on the left is my favourite because firstly, it's stripes and secondly, it's high neck and sort of racer back which I think flatters my broad shoulders. However, I'm having trouble finding a bra to wear with it :P I got the one on the right because it's really unique. The pattern is striped mesh (if that makes sense) so you will have to wear like a bandeau like thing under. But I think it's good because you can go subtle with black and white or more 'out there' with neon colours or crazy prints. But, what I dislike is that the material is not that stretchy :/

unbranded // F21 Tropical Floral Skater Dress (£9.50 / US$12.80) // unbranded

Left: There were actually a few colours of this dress, but for fear of becoming 'mainstream', I decided not to go with the safe choice of black, but instead, chose this neon pink which admittedly, makes it less wearable. I think this could be great in the summer with a denim jacket to retract from the neon-ness and if there's a neon party or something, I am covered :P

Middle: Apologies for the absolutely crap picture quality of this one. It's actually a gorgeous navy blue and cream floral printed dress. The length of it is perfect for my petite frame and I especially like the fit and flare style because it compliments my body shape!

Right: Can you believe that this is the first maxi dress I own? Well, apart from my graduation dress. I wanted something day time appropriate so this grey, flowy casual one is perfect. I thought that the slight frill at the top stops it from looking dull and is a really nice touch! I can wear this in the summer with a denim jacket and sandals, or even in fall with a nice trench coat and tights underneath! Everyone needs a basic maxi.

Keith Haring Cropped Tee (US$8.99) // unbranded // Kitten Graphic Muscle Tee (US$12.80) // Heathered Muscle Tee (£7.25US$8.80)

  All, apart from the 'SaiGon' tee is from Forever 21. This summer has been the summer of muscle tees for me when previously, I tend to shy away from them. Yet lately, I've been loving the effortless, semi-grunge look so I'll definitely be adding more to my collection. Forever 21 has seriously some of the best ones with different prints. You've probably seen that Keith Haring muscle tee and my declaration of love for it in my latest outfit post. I loveee it so check my outfit post for explanation as to why and a brief trip down memory lane.

  You can't see clearly, but the words around the kitten actually says, "Are You Kitten Me Right Meow?". Despite not being a huge fan of cats, I found the saying really funny and hey, I can stand a kool kat with sunglasses.

  The 'SaiGon' tee I got as a 'souvenir' for myself because I'm leaving this lovely city in about 2 weeks and won't be returning for a long while :( It's one of those tops that tourists usually buy when they visit.

Both H&M

  Both of these tops are some of my absolute favourites. Apart from them both being stripes, you can't tell from the pictures, but both tops are actually shimmery with bits of glitter in them which I thought was so cool. A little bit of shimmer and glitter automatically makes a top night time appropriate! Seriously, the pictures do those tops no justice at all. For example, the one of the left is actually a gorgeous top with gold shimmer and white stripes. I actually got that one first, and then saw that they did the same style in greyscale gradient...and yea, you can guess what happened :P

Both unbranded

  These kind of crop tops are among my favourite styles because I just find them more flattering. Lately, I've been loving the deep burgundy shade which is also perfect for fall! I actually haven't got round to wearing the one on the left yet because although I absolutely love it, I need to pair it with something more plain and simple on the bottom due to the intricate print (just look at that.)

Cotton On // unbranded

   The bright cobalt blue shade of the top on the left was what attracted me to it because I don't have a shade like it! Also, I'm kinda liking high neck tops at the moment. The one on the right was a rather impulse buy and it has really really really low arm holes which I would normally like, but the top section doesn't really cover the entire chest I will have to figure out a more creative way to wear this :P

F21 Solid Raglan Sweater (£9 / US$12.80) // H&M // F21 Sheer Marled Knit Sweater (£13.50 US$17.80)

F21 Slouchy Knit Sweater (£9 / US$13.80) // F21 Marled Knit Sweater (£12US$15.80) // H&M

Not going to say much apart from the fact that these are the result of my sweater haul! Ahhh, I absolutely can't wait to snuggle up in them :')

both unbranded

  I like to call these my 'no pants-pants' because whenever I wear them, they are the comfiest thing on Earth that it legit feels like I'm not wearing any pants! I wear these to bed, around the house...and will even wear them out if it doesn't look like I just went out in pajamas. Bottom line: comfiest things ever. Oh and, the one on the right is also called my 'batman pants' ;)


  The famous Zara dupe skort which I found at the flea market! I got a white one from, but decided I needed a black too. I actually prefer the material of this one than Boohoo's, especially since it has the concealed zip and is slightly elasticated. But do you know what scored the major brownie points? It has pockets. Which annoyingly, the boohoo one didn't! Retailers should know by now that clothes with (functional) pockets are lifesavers.

Hope you guys liked my massive haul! Have you started shopping for the colder months?

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